View from the Fans

by The Spin Team

Ever since I started this blog, I have had many opinions.  I have given my views on how to market the sport.  How the No. 1 ranking should be viewed. What the WTA needs to do in order to have more visibility.  How the players should be presented etc. I am not the only one.  There are a thousand blogs, podcasts, tennis journalists and even some players who have weighed in on the sport.  Sometimes I wonder in all the noise, what do the fans think?  What do the Administrators of tennis think?  Do most folks believe that tennis is reaching across the aisle and gaining new fans or has it remained stagnant?  If it is not moving across the aisle, what is preventing it from doing so?

These questions came to me as the ratings for this year’s French Open and Wimbledon finals have shown a sharp decline in viewership, down from last year.  This morning, there were a great many articles in major newspapers all over the world covering Roger Federer’s win, but barely a peep about the women’s champion.  The same applied at the French Open where Rafael Nadal’s 10th French Open title, was met with La Decima, but Ostapenko only seemed to get glowing tributes in her home country.  To make matters even worse, Ostapenko, the reigning French Open champion never saw Centre Court until her match against Venus Williams in the quarter finals.

So, on that note,  I am going to turn it over to tennis fans to give me their views on what needs to improve in tennis.  I have inserted a poll  and I would be very interested to see the responses of tennis fans.

Have at it folks

This post will be updated with views from our readers. On the question of how would you improve tennis, the answers are so similar in nature it is eerie.

  • Make it so viewers could actually watch it
  • Need more WTA coverage on regular cable TV ie Tennis Channel
  • More tv viewership
  • Since most fans’ first introduction is through TV, make viewing more accessible. WTA’s lack of streaming is digraceful and it is a shame that the Grand Slam tournaments are no longer featured on basic broadcast TV. This is why the ratings have gone down. Tennis Channel and ATP TV ain’t gonna cut it! WTA should consider a streaming deal with You Tube or something! Exos and special events like Arthur Ashe Kids Day could be streamed on Twitter or on the USTA’s website, etc. Tennis doesn’t utilize the platforms available well enough. It’s weird that when I was a kid in the ’80s and growing up in the ’90s that tennis seemed way more accessible than it is today.
  • Give the WTA equal pay on all levels and an equal platform to play and showcase their immense talent. After all, the WTA has the GOAT.
  • Improve tennis reporting and commentating, make them more informative. Stop putting the tours against each other. Try to recognize they are separate.
  • the problem with the WTA is coverage and their stupid CEO!! There are so many compelling stories to be told and heard. But the regular people not really watching tennis are not being reached!
  • Get rid of the McEnroe brothers
  • In general, make it easier to follow & consume (simpler tour structure/naming, cheaper & easier streaming services, TV availability etc). In specific, make slams Bo3 first week for both genders, Bo5 second week for both genders (or similar).
  • 3 sets; 3rd set tiebreaker
  • I like it warts and all


2 thoughts on “View from the Fans

  1. I may be wrong but isn’t it possible that the way the women’s tour has been handled by CEO of Wta, has made fans who under normal circumstances would be watching both tours, lose some interest. Especially if they have to have to work so hard to find clear and reliable streams. The men’s tour has been riding on the coattails of the Wta for a while, however they seem to have a well structured organized tour that is appealing to sponsors.


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