by Karen 

While I have your attention, let me just test this microphone out. 

On Tuesday morning I woke up to the news that there was an incident of domestic violence in Bodden Town.  Bodden Town is a small village located on the Eastern end of the Island.  When I saw the news, I said, oh my God, not another one.  You see we have had a few cases of domestic violence on the Islands in recent times. Most of them end up with the one or both parties either dead or severely injured.  Usually, they become cases of murder/suicide. 

I admit that I read the article and sent a small prayer to both parties who were involved in this tragedy. 

Yesterday, someone came to my desk at work and was relaying the incident to me in all its gory detail.  I again expressed sympathy for both parties and sent up another small prayer that they would both be OK. 

This morning, the issue reared its head again and this time I listened with both ears.  After listening to the rumours of what may have happened, I realised that the story sounded very familiar.  I enquired as to the names of the persons but no one knew.  I guessed the name of a particular individual and unfortunately it turns out that the couple are well known to me. 

I have provided a listening ear to both of them. I have counselled both of them.  I have broken bread with both of them.  The wife is currently battling for her life.  Her husband is currently in the hospital under police guard as he attempted suicide. 

I have no words for this. 

As a survivor of domestic violence, I have always people women to walk away.  Staying in an abusive situation is not helpful to either you or your partner. 

If you are in an abusive relationship, get help.  If you are the abuser and you are reading this, walk away.  If you are the woman who is being abused, turn your back on everything and just walk away.  Ladies you can’t change him if he is beating the crap out of you.  You can’t ever make him stop.  Men, if the woman is abusing you, walk away.  Do not retaliate.  Call the police. 

Domestic violence permeates our society and it is the shame of most neighbourhoods.  People know that the abuse is happening and do nothing.  Pick up the phone.  Call the police.  If it means that your  neighbour never speaks to you again, you did your part in saving a life.  

My only prayer is that both parties are able to survive this. I have no idea what the wife’s condition will be or whether she will survive.  I know only that lives are now broken forever and will probably never be repaired.  


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