by Karen
I have not blogged in awhile.  There is a reason for this.  I have had it up to here with tennis fans.  They are without a doubt spoiling the sport for me. 
Earlier this year I ranted about the everlasting complaints from players about the heat in Australia, to then hear about why there is no roof at the French Open, to now why there is no play on Middle Sunday at Wimbledon, it is enough to make me want to choke someone. I am sure by the time the US Open rolls around and we start having rain delays or hurricanes and tropical storms passing through, we will again hear the cries of why does the US Open have no roofed stadiums.  Let me tell you why, because the tournament is built on swampy ground and it cannot accommodate a roof.  There, reason and explanation out of the way and it is only June.
Here’s the thing.  Wimbledon has been around since 1877.  That is 137 years now.  There are some things that are not going to change about The Championships, Wimbledon.  These are in no particular order:
One of the traditions that I have always loved about Wimbledon, is seeing both players walking off court together after the match.  This tradition seems to be going the way of everything that is traditional about this tournament.  It was brought home even more forcefully to me when Serena Williams lost.  After losing to Alize Cornet, Serena had her bags all packed and was waiting for her opponent to finish her joyous celebrations (she lost in the next round by the way).  She eventually had to tap Cornet on her shoulder to signal to her that she was waiting on her so that they could walk off together.
None of the commentators on my stream or on the television made mention of that.  Alison Riske after being beaten by Sharapova, basically ran off the court (she took the time to tweet about her match seconds after losing so clearly she just could not wait to get to her phone) after her match.
There are some players and fans who do not understand the history of the sport, and these are the ones who do not appreciate the traditions of the sport.  The people of Wimbledon Village give up their privacy, peaceful and quiet lives for the benefit of us tennis fans.  The only thing that they ask of us is that of the 2-3 weeks that the tournament sees thousands of people descending on their little village, is that they be allowed the Middle Sunday.  Is that too much to give to people who open their homes and their hearts to us? How is that so difficult?  Why must we bitch and moan about this every single year? It really needs to stop.


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