by Karen

How good is Madison Keys? She is very good.   I watched her match in its entirety today. While she should have won in straight sets, she took the long route home, but got there in the end.  In the third set, after serving a double fault, she could be heard urging herself on to hit it Madison, hit it.  The next serve was an ace. 

Serena Williams is looking good.  Talk about focused.  The World’s No. 1 is here to set things right.  After her abysmal performance in doubles the day before, Serena came out and virtually dismantled Scheepers’ game.  There is nothing quite like seeing someone who has an incredible game use it to full effect. 

There were a few matches on my list today that did not get to be played, but I am really looking forward to Simona Halep’s match against Lesia Tsurenko as well as Radwanska going up against deBrito.  I am calling the upset here.   I am thinking that deBrito may have finally found her way through her talent after years in the wilderness. 

Tomorrow’s Order of Play is below with the Spin’s picks in red. 

Player A
Player B
Centre Court
Venus Williams
Petra Kvitova
Court No. 1
Na Li  
Barbara Strycova
Court No. 2
Lesia Tsurenko
Simona Halep
Agnieszka Radwanksa
Michelle Larcher de Brito
Court No. 3
Caroline Wozniacki
Ana Konjah
Lucie Safarova
Dominika Cibulkova
Court 18
Belinda Bencic
Victoria Duval
Court 16
Ekaterina Makarova
Caroline Garcia
Shuai Peng
Lauren Davis
Court 17
Bojana Jovanovski
Tereza Smitkova


This is going to be more of a rant, rather than what I overheard in the booth.  Martina Navratilova is a bitter woman.  She really needs to take stock of her life and learn to let it go.  
I found myself tied to my computer this morning listening to Martina doing commentary on Serena Williams’ match against Scheepers.  From her disparaging tone in critiquing Serena’s style of play, to her sense of outrage that Serena would aim for her opponent whilie at the net and using that legitimate play and terming it “Serena trying to scare her opponents”, to bringing in comparisons to Mike Tyson while describing Serena, it was all I could do to keep my cool. 

I am going to go all Chrissie Evert here – Dear Martina, stop being a hater.   There is a reason why of all the former legends in the game, you are perhaps the only female champion of the past era who has not been called upon to coach today’s talented players.  Why is that so?  You have indicated that you are available to coach but no one has called you.  Why is that Martina? Could it be that tennis players, those people with fragile egos, have heard you doing commentary and decided that you are not for them?  Could you be any less disparaging when talking about players and how they volley? There are a lot of players out there who love and admire you, but for whatever reason, no one has picked up the phone to call you, even for a consultation? 

Of the many players with whom you used to played doubles, none of them have come back to you for coaching advice.  Why is that Martina? Look at Chris Evert. Her tennis academy is spewing out champions even more than the USTA, the LTA and the Australian Tennis Federation. Look at Amelie Mauresmo, she is coaching Britain’s Andy Murray.  Justine Henin has an academy of her own and has been seen at many Grand Slams with junior players from her academy.  Kim Clijsters, recently retired has been assisting her fellow countrywomen with coaching advice.  Venus Williams, a current player is a mentor to so many of the young women from the US.  Steffi Graf, recluse that she is, has worked with many of the young women who form part of the Adidas Player Development Programme and don’t get me started on Billie Jean King.

Come on Martina, you are a champion in this sport. People admire you and love you.  However, many fans are turned off by your commentary.  They think you are bitter and they think you hate women’s tennis. I know you probably don’t but I hate listening to you doing commentary on women’s matches.  

Give back something to the women.  They are waiting on you. Make it happen Martina


  1. Martina Navratilova made a big mistake in 1975 to ask for political asylum in the USA she should have gone to one of these nice European countries the sign was there she was after all born in Europe.
    If I understand you well you have to kiss the ass of all the players when you commentate and then you might have a change you may coach someone. You know Czech people are very direct.

    About all the players who have academies etc, most are helped by their sponsors like the Adidas program with Steffi Graf and Henin. So it is as simple if you have no sponsors like Martina had for many years you have to put your own money in it I would not do that if I where her.
    Amelie Mauresmo did get direct chances by the French Tennis Federation. It is a pity we will maybe never know if Martina will be a good coach or not.
    Martina has like all the other players been mentor of some youngsters and she made all her doubles partners play better by coaching them ask Svetlana Kuznetzova. Francesca Schiavone has gotten volley lessons from Martina, she was well loved by other players especially the lower ranked and many Italian and that says enough of a player.

    Do not make Martina look like a monster, Chris Evert was always the favorite in America and Martina was so bad. I have now heard enough of Evert to know she has done things that were not so classy while Martina made her mistakes in the open but the damage was done already and will never be repaired.

    The academy of Chris Evert did not spew out lots of champions it took forever before a decent player emerged and she works now together with the USTA.

    The amazing thing Martina is not bitter even has great wit but you with your patronizing article does not know what makes a person. I am the one who is bitter for the last couple of years a lot of people feel free to have a go at her with all non reasons I see a lot of defamation. I see so many filth and vitriol I hope she will not see it.
    When she had the early breast cancer I read so many denigrating remarks. When she did get high altitude sickness Kilimanjaro some people suggested she should not have quit meaning she would die and get rid of her, while the good people were worried sick.

    Martina gives speeches around the world and she has a family so she can only coach partime. I am from Europe and heart Martina commentate for radio and television nothing wrong with it does easily both matches for women and men.


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