by Karen 

Garbine Muguruza

I think she deserves her own post.   

Garbine Muguruza, ranked No. 35 but played like she was ranked No.1 steamrolled the World’s No. 1 and defending French Open champion Serena Williams in straight sets today.  It is a score that no one, not even Serena or Garbine herself saw coming.   I, along with many others felt that if Serena could just get her act together this match would be one of the all time greatest comebacks in women’s tennis history that feature Serena Williams.  However, today was not the World’s No. 1 day. 

Muguruza played composed attacking tennis.  She never allowed Serena to settle into the match.  After opening the match with a comfortable hold of serve, Serena would see 5 straight games won by her opponent.  It was a wonderful display of deep hitting.  Muguruza had a game plan and credit to her for sticking to that game plan.  She took away the angles that Serena loves to use and she hit hard and deep to Serena’s feet.  Serena’s main weapon her serve was absent today and when she was able to get it into play she was winning a little over 50% of the points on her first serve and less than 30% on her second serve. 

It is a result that has without a doubt shaken up the top half of the women’s draw.   Some will say that it now gives Sharapova a clear walk to the final.  I don’t think so. 

The  loss of No. 2 Li Na in the bottom half of the draw has cleared the way somewhat for players like Simona Halep. The French Open has for sometime been churning out Grand Slam champions on a random basis on the women’s side.  Could this year be the year when we have a new Grand Slam champion and from the group born in the 1990s?  

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