For 5 years he ruled New York City.  From 2004 until his last title in 2008, Roger Federer made the final of the US Open.  During that stint Rafael Nadal, then World No. 2 and winner of the French Open more time than they have actually held the French Open never posted.
In 2010 during his magical year, Nadal made the final of the US Open, defeating Novak Djokovic in the final.  It was a great year for Nadal, not so much for Federer.
In 2011 Novak Djokovic would win the US Open, defeating Nadal in the final and Federer in the semis.  In 2012 Andy Murray would win his first Major at the US Open defeating Djokovic. 
Most Federer fans will agree that 2013 has not been the best year for Roger Federer.  He has not posted very good results at the Majors and this has been due to a lower back injury which has affected his game for most of the season. His season at the Majors ended with a fourth round loss to Tommy Robredo out on Louis Armstrong stadium in hot and humid conditions.  Federer had never lost before to Robredo.  If he had won that match, he would have, for the first time, finally met Rafael Nadal in New York City. 
I am glad that he lost.
One argument that fans make in relation to the stupid GOAT debate is the head to head between Nadal and Federer.  Federer fans say that the head to head is skewed having regard to the fact that the majority of Nadal’s wins have come on clay. Fans also say that if Nadal had met Federer on surfaces that favoured Federer’s game, then the head to head may not have been skewed in Nadal’s favour.  One of these surfaces before they slowed it down was the US Open.
Fast forward to 2013 and the US Open now plays like any other surface.  Filled with sand and lots of grit, the US Open no longer plays like the fast court tournament that it was.  It was interesting to see as a Federer fan, how many Nadal fans were on social media hoping that Fed would pull out the win just so that they could get the long awaited FeDal match.
I am glad that he lost.
For years when Federer was in full flight in New York, winning back to back to back tournaments, Nadal would either bow out in the early rounds, or he would just skip the tournament.  Now that Nadal is healthy and full of vim and vigour, and is now once again a contender for the US Open title,  everyone is clamouring for this match up.  I for one can do without that particular match up especially at this point in Federer’s career.
Nadal has the French Open as his stomping ground.  Every year like clockwork, no matter what his condition, you can put your money that he will walk away with the trophy.  Federer has been beaten by Nadal in Australia, Paris and Wimbledon.  I say let him keep New York. Let that be the one place where his record will remain unblemished by the fact that he lost to Nadal. Federer has beaten Nadal everywhere except in Paris.  Let it be that New York is the one place that Federer has never lost to Nadal 

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