Every tennis fan, be it tennis writer, journalist, commentator, or blogger has their own personal wish list of things that they would like to see happen as a new tennis season approaches.  Most of those wishes usually centers around their favourite players.  I have read most of the blogs and followed many writers on social media and the mood is that, especially in men’s tennis, fans want to see a change up. They are tired of the Big 4 and with Andy Roddick, who used to be the darling of the US media having retired, and with Mardy Fish not 100%, many fans are of the view that now is the time for someone in the top 10 to make their mark and make themselves relevant at the Grand Slams, and indeed at the Masters’ events. 

For women’s tennis, things could not be any different.  The WTA has just come off one of its best seasons in recent memory, with a top 4 that competed admirably, especially at the Premier and Grand Slam events.  Therefore, without further  ado, here are my things that I hope happens on the WTA Tour in the upcoming 2013 season.  This is in no particular order. 

1.   Venus Williams to make one more glorious  Wimbledon run.  Watching Venus on the grass of Wimbledon is what makes me continue to enjoy tennis.  After seeing her bow out meekly to Vesnina at Wimbledon this year in the first round, I want to see her come back bigger and badder than ever and list the trophy for whom she was named.  Venus for Wimbledon.  I think many tennis fans can get on that. 

2.  While this flies in the face of my No. 1 wish above, it would be awesome if Serena could complete the Grand Slam once again.  While she would not need to win Wimbledon or the US Open in the same year, it would be a great story line if she could win both the Australian and the French Open to hold all 4 Grand Slams.  I think that would put paid to talk of whether she is one of the greats. 

3.  Azarenka to wear shorts at every single event.  Is there another player who rocks exercise gear on a tennis court better than Vika.  I say keep the shorts, the fist pumps and the shrieks.  Tennis needs it. 

4. Radwanska to step up on clay.  For someone with such an artful game, it shocks me that she does so poorly on clay. 

5.  Sharapova to win a title off clay.  Yes, I said it.  While 2012 was a great year for Sharapova, people need to be reminded that her 3 titles this season all came on clay, which now seems to be her favourite surface. 

6. Sloane Stephens.  This is your time.  Nuff said. 

7.  I would really like to see Kerber take the next step.  Enough of winning 100 plus matches, start grabbing more than 2 titles for the season.  

8.  I see that Svetlana is looking fit and getting ready to play.  Can we say more Sveta please?

9.  The young ones. I have seen your break out seasons and I now raise it.  The difference between the men’s and women’s game is like day and night.  The women have young talent coming up.  The men have a whole host of almost 30 somethings.  Ladies, continue to step up.

Do you have any wishes for the 2013 tennis season?  If so, hit me up on Twitter or post them in the comments. 

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