I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and that the New Year is bringing you everything your little tennis heart desires.

The season’s first Grand Slam is upon us and already there is talk of a player’s strike on the ATP side. I say go for it guys. You have lost whatever interest tennis folks had seeing as you have absolutely no depth at the moment as the big titles are shared amongst 4 men with the rest of the ATP left to fight for scarce benefits and spoils.

For the past 2 seasons the women of the WTA have brought it in terms of drama, fantastic tennis and great storylines. 2012 is no exception.

There have been several withdrawals due to injury amongst the top women, but there are still some great players out there who are contending for the title.

I hope to sit back, relax and enjoy what should turn out to be a great Grand Slam event on the women’s side.

I will attempt to recap the match of the day or at least watch as many matches as I possibly can and provide my armchair analysis as the action picks up in Melbourne Park.

Enjoy everyone and remember. It is only sport

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