USO Women’s Competition

So another USO has come and gone, or at least the women’s portion of the event is over.

Kim Clijsters defeated Vera Zvonreva 6-2, 6-1 in a manner reminiscent of another player defeating a Russian almost 3 years ago in Australia. I watched the match in between changing channels. It took 1 hour exactly. Clijsters’ family had numerous watches in the stands. I guess the whole point of that was to set a record for the fastest women’s final in US Open history. I wonder if she got it?

It is funny to see how the Tennis Establishment has embraced Kim Clijsters’ return to tournament play. In her first career she was known as a head case. A player who could never give it up to the better players. 2 years, a baby and a husband later, she now has 3 Grand Slams, a chance to become No.1 and finally she will perhaps get into the Hall of Fame. I guess she will get there. I wonder though when the questions will be asked as to Clijsters’ penchant for only winning majors at one event in the same way that Venus Williams is being written as only being able to win on grass. Somehow I will not hold my breath for that one.

This USO has been a bit of a disappointment for me. Neither of my faves will be lifting a trophy at the final major of the year and for that I am truly sad. Life will go on once again and all I can do is hope that as their careers wind down they will find that last little step to be able to get one more major. I am rooting for that one player, Venus Williams to be able to do it one more time, but alas I am thinking that her time is surely passing her by, but I do believe in miracles and I am hopeful that one day it will happen.

2 thoughts on “USO Women’s Competition

  1. I too was rooting for Vee to do it this year. She came sooooo close, much closer than anyone ever said she would. I REALLY thought she was going to win that semifinal. So that kind of gives me hope for next year. Hopefully she will be healthy AND focused because with her it's either one or the other. But I'll never tire of watching her play (provided she doesn't decide to play awful a la the Pironkova match).


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