US Open Series

Well, well, well. Now how about that. Things have changed considerably since I started writing this blog and publishing it in all parts of the internet. Even though I do not have anyone leaving comments, I can say that it would seem as if people are reading it as I have had persons emailing me to let me know that they appreciate the work that I am doing as regards airing fans’ grouses about the lack of coverage of tennis on tv, especially during this so-called Greatest Road Trip in Sports.

I note that online streams have become available from the very first day of the Rogers Cup, and I was quite happy to listen to the beautiful French language being spoken as commentary. I cannot say that I understand the commentary but as tennis fans, all we really want to see is the tennis.

I will not stop writing this blog until Tennis Channel gets its act together and stop joining womens’ tournaments at the tail end of the tournament. The men started in Cincy on Monday 17 August and today, 18 August they had a full day’s coverage of tennis. Tomorrow will be even more coverage as they have the so-called big dogs of the ATP coming out to play tomorrow.

On the women’s side we have the big dogs coming out as well as Serena, Dinara, Jelena, Sharapova and a whole host of other top women will begin their campaign tomorrow.

Let us all hope for some good tennis and even better commentators.

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