When did Women’s Tennis take a Backseat

Yesterday was supposed to be the third day of my rant against the networks and I had planned to headline that article – It is not the Destination, tis the journey. That line may sound really nice, but I have to confess that I took it from Tennis Channels’ commercial of the USO Series. Yes, it is the destination, not the journey, so in that sense it would have been nice to see tournaments from the begining and not at the quarter-final stages, but there you go.

However, I had to take a 360 degree turn when this morning while thinking to myself as to whether I was fighting a losing battle, I had occasion to visit Steve Tignor’s blog over at tennis.com. He had written an article about Kim Clijsters’ return to the Tour. Lo and behold he had referenced an article from Time magazine, circa 2001 when women’s tennis was the queen of tennis. I am providing a link to the article, because you just cannot make this stuff up. In 2001, women’s tennis was enjoyed by 75% of people who watched tennis or who visited tennis tournaments. Yes, 75% of persons who were asked said that they preferred women’s tennis to men’s tennis. This was at a time when Gustavo Kuerten was apparently the No. 1 player in the world. I dont know what else I can add to this whole scenario of how womens’ tennis is now getting short shrift, but I will close today by linking the article and hope that everyone realises what has happened to the dream of Billie Jean King and other women who fought so hard for women’s tennis.


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